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In an attempt to raise much needed funds for two important organizations we've teamed up with many of the great, bands/labels/stores that make up part of our community. With there help we have collected a huge amount of donations that will be shared between first, second and third prize winners with the raffle being drawn at 8pm Wednesday July 15th.

The organisations being support are the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (AUS) 'a national not-for-profit charity focussed on improving literacy levels in very remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.'

and the Bail Project (USA) 'is a non-profit organization designed to combat mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system ‒ one person at a time.'

Labels/bands/stores involved in this raffle are:
life.lair.regret. Records (Boundless, Change, Crush The Demoniac, Denial, Engage, Excarnate, Smash, Unravel) Best wishes records (Amends, Blood On My Hands, Bitter Taste, Clove, Future Primitive, Break Through, Exit Strategy, Kid Presentable, No Brainer, xHatex, xUnworthy Of Lifex, Wicked Sisters, Bitter Clarity zine, It Ain't Ever Over) Innercity Uprising Records, Last ride records ( Ill Natured, Facile, Mood Swing, The Others) Clarity records, Set The Fire records, Resist records, Lost in fog records (Lai, Generacion Suicida, Masses, Pest, Terremoto, Ubik) Hardcore victim records (Bloody Hammer, Braincell, Enzyme, Forward, Last Chaos, Teargas, Skizopherina, Vaarollinen) Cool death records, Team glasses (Algor Mortis, Apparitions, CNT EVN, Dire, Entrapment, Idle Threat, Klonns, Endless Hraun, Gil Cerrone, Dark Days 2019, Leavings, Buzz, Vestiges, Mooikite, Terra Mater, When Love Dies) Mindsnare, Outright, Mongrel merch, Burn in hell, Deadbeat zine, Deadend design, Masochist, Detach me, Internal rot, ESP Mayhem, Headless death, Pure Instinct, Delsaato, Endless heights, Broken, Colossvs, Persecutor, xtgrx art, Cold wave vintage. Lone.Lust jewellery, Persecutor, Reactions and more.

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