• Image of It Is What It Is: Hardcore Fanzine issue one

72 pages of short interviews with 42 current Australian bands and one American. Each band was asked the same five questions to give a brief snapshot of some of the sounds of the underground currently in Australia with bands covering punk/hardcore/grind/metal/post-punk all included.

Bands interviewed: 100% (QLD), Abolocion (VIC), Apollo Zen (WA), Apteria (SA), Belle Haven (VIC), Bind (USA), Black Jesus (VIC), Bloodletter (QLD), Bone Church (VIC), Break Through (TAS), Broken (VIC), Colossvs (VIC), Contaminated (VIC), Crowned Kings (VIC), Crush The Demoniac (VIC), Diploid (VIC), Dregg (VIC), Engage (WA), Enzyme (VIC), Facile (WA), Faitheater (SA), Fearxless (NSW), Force Of Will (VIC), Furnance (QLD), Homesick (NSW), Hurricane Death (QLD), Ill Natured (NSW), Judas Wolf (VIC), Level (SA), Masochist (NSW), Masses (VIC), Mental Cavity (CBR/VIC), Mosquito (QLD), Nerve Damage (QLD), No Haven (VIC), Outright (VIC), Panic Burst (CBR), Reactions (SA), Religious Observance(VIC), Remoavlist (VIC), Rust Proof (VIC), Shackles (NSW), Shiva (VIC), Sistema en Decadencia(VIC), Talc (SA/VIC)
The Orphan (VIC), The World At A Glance (VIC), Ubik (VIC), Unravel (WA), Vices (NSW), World View (SA) &
Year Of The Rat (VIC)

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